The Mountain that writes has written once again, this time on the topic of a stupid Senator who was "joking" about nuking American citizens, and the memes that followed.

Of course the congressman is now saying that using nuclear weapons on American gun owners was an exaggeration, he just wanted to rhetorically demonstrate that the all-powerful government could crush us peasants like bugs, they hold our pathetic lives in their iron hand, and he’d never ever advocate for the use of nuclear weapons on American soil (that would be bad for the environment!), and instead he merely wants to send a SWAT team to your house to shoot you in the face if you don’t comply.

See? That’s way better.

But this post isn’t about that particular line from one foolish congressman. It’s about all of the silly left wing memes that have popped up since, trying to justify the congressman’s basic premise that the 2nd Amendment is obsolete for resisting tyranny, and the government would obliterate anyone who failed to comply.

Here's the thing.

First, yes, it's funny as hell, and he's got a damn good point even if I'm no longer sure our feminized, diverse, and more PC military would be quite so much all-in on defending the rights of citizens anymore. He also makes a point made in commentary and fiction by myself, Col. Kratman, Mad Mike Williamson, and others that these people operating these weapons platforms - fighters, tanks, helicopters, drones, etc. - are living amongst us, and not always wrapped up in armor or relatively safe and out of reach in the sky. Neither are their families. Things will get really ugly.

It's also amazing how hard they're trying to convince us for our own good that we're utterly defenseless anyway and it's all an illusion so why bother.

For what it's worth, I believe the actual statement about nukes was a "joke", an exaggeration for effect.

What wasn't a joke was the underlying truth, an assumption that if a large percentage of the US ignores or defies the laws he wants, that the armed might of the US and law enforcement would be brought to bear on raiding and killing people to take those icky guns away. And that he would be OK with it.

And the follow-on memes as well as multiple twitter spats I'd had before getting kicked off twitter show that it isn't just some rogue senator.

That said, it has a fault I've engaged in myself despite also calling it out - warning the left that if they keep this up things will get ugly.

Consider an 80's movie called Johnny Dangerously. Only seen it once, as a kid, and the only damn memorable thing about it was the character that was constantly put in his place by Johnny and others, who would state, every time, "My mother(or whoever) did that to me once. Once!"

After about the second or third time you realized it was an empty threat.

Don't be that useless moron that makes empty threats that they'll be sorry of they do it again. They didn't listen the first time, the second time, or any other time, and they won't listen the next.

Instead, shut up. Instead, take effective and measured action. And for you morons on the left out there who'll misread this, since we're not in a hot civil war over it yet, this isn't an exhortation to start the violence that the Senator's and your own statements so obviously show you crave.