First, an aside. Today I got locked out of Twitter. Since I have no intention of handing them my phone number, it’s likely to stay that way.

So, Q.

Is Q real?

Well – is Batman real?

I know, you’re inclined to say “no”, but hear me out.

One possibility is that Q is really really real, an actual human being who actually works high up in the Trump administration with a high clearance, and access to things like travel plans and speeches that the general public and press would not be.

Maybe, maybe not. There’s certainly at least one person posting, but as to whether they even work for the government or the administration, there is no proof. Certainly the vague nature of the messages could be read as “fits all” fortunetelling or protective cover, and some of the mistakes as “misdirection”.

But while there may not be a fabulously wealthy person of almost superhuman will trained in the martial and scientific arts hunting criminals at night, Batman, as an archetype, as a mythos, as a character we have come to know and love, does exist. From the standpoint of myth, the fact the Q has discussed things that the Hollywood and government pedo crowd would rather be kept secret, and brought these to the edge of public general awareness, he’s certainly *more *real than Batman.

In a very real way, even if Q is just a LARP, he’s a valuable LARP, that entertains and focuses the interest of many people to dig out and ferret out secrets the powers that be would rather be kept hidden. And he’s entertaining as hell.

In short, I don’t know, I don’t care. Because “real” or not, Q is valuable and entertaining.