Recently read and finished The Definitive Book of Body Language by Alan and Barbara Pease.

For what it’s worth, it’s a worthwhile and useful read, with a lot of solid info. But this isn’t a review.

This is also not a rant about the blatant usage of republicans/conservatives for the “dumb” illustrations, and Clintons, leftists, etc. for the “smart” ones.

Instead, given the recent kerfluffle at Google, it’s an observation of the book as a time capsule, in that I am sure one day it will be on the SJW hatefact list for even noticing differences between men and women, and worse, while not actively promoting them as inborn, not ascribing them to socialization either.

Which is funny, because along with the not terribly Hillary and Bill pedastalization, the numerous differences between men and women and how they tend to behave are almost always skewed to say “women are better at”.