As we enter the Christmas season, it is appropriate that Sabaton cover the last stand of the Swiss guard at the Vatican in 1527.

I've said before - I am not sure where their beliefs truly lie, as they publicly eschew the title of "right wing." Nevertheless, the very fact they can and will discuss subjects like the rise to power of Hitler and the Nazi party with some sympathy for the German people, as well as the effectiveness, heroism, moral courage, or bravery of the ghost battalions, the German army holding Berlin and escorting civilians to safety in the face of the Russian army, or the saga of the Bismark, has earned them a lot of criticism in that line.

All I know is that unlike a lot of other scandi metal bands, they take the attitudes of the people they sing about, religious, nationalist, seriously, without snark or looking down on it as "wrongthink," where the contempt for Christianity, if nothing else, in other bands, comes through loud and clear.

I'll let the video speak for itself:

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