They steal yard signs because they can’t stand there being so many. Scott Adams of Dilbert fame notes how they’ve become the bully party, as well as the party of outright theft. He, of course, “endorsed” Hillary (for, as he repeatedly noted, his personal safety and that of his family). A Democrat operative who is a convicted criminal AND nevertheless meets with the president of the United States is on video bragging about how he set up Trump supporters to get beat up, or rigged encounters to make them look violent. His presence at multiple events has been documented by several people. And on colleges Trump supporters are attacked.

In the spirit of the sign stealers, some asshole proudly defaced Trumps star on the walk of fame. When a homeless black woman decided to stand guard over it because she supported him, she was set upon and beaten.

On the reporter front Esquire Magazine shames people not even for supporting Trump, but for not “clapping hard enough” and coming out for Her(pes).

Oh, yeah, and Hillary called 1/4 of the voting public “deplorable”, a bunch of sexist, racist, hateful people.

Yes, hypocrites. The same people who tell us stories of “two wolves” – an Indian tale that we all have two wolves inside us, fighting for supremacy. That one is virtue, strength, patience, justice, and the other our dark side: anger, fear,, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego.

The one that wins is the one you feed.

I for one do not believe anger to be a bad thing, but this story is not about the nuance between anger and wrath, or hunger and gluttony. It is instead like one of the true lessons behind karma, behind the statement “who lives by the sword, dies by the sword” – your choices define the circumstances you put yourself into, define who you meet, what options are left to you. What you choose to dwell on and obsess over too much consumes you. As C.S. Lewis pointed out in the Screwtape Letters, this applies even to virtues, to the point they become sins.

It also echoes the statement that one should be careful in fighting monsters.

Watch what the left obsess over. Watch that they obsess. Many are broken: narcissists, borderlines – or much closer to those states than used to be common before the heyday of the self-esteem culture – and have nothing inside to anchor them.

I can say this for a fact from my family and circle of acquaintances. The Hillary contingent, and the NeverTrump-ers, will not bend. They cannot imagine that what Trump said on the bus was not sexual assault, or a marker for one, rather than the simple truth about groupies. The left in particular will not believe that democrat workers ripped up voter registrations on camera, or bragged about beating up Trump supporters, and if they do, well, Trump and his supporters are all nazis, so they deserve it. Or it’s staged – even if some of the people are easily identifiable figures.

They are people who foam at the mouth about Sarah Palin, Trump, southerners, etc., and cannot see themselves, their anger, their viciousness, their pettiness. They literally think they are superior and that their “good” deeds and beliefs earn them some karmic right to be destructive to themselves and others they hate. I’ve heard it from their own mouths.

In the media they obsessively mock Trump and his supporters, and as Scott Adams has noted, give others permission to do violence. They also think we’re morons who cannot be trusted with complex decisions (What’s the Matter With Kansas was not an outlier…). Despite the ripping apart of registration cards, video of manufacturing fake events, wikileaks releases about collusion and coordination to favor Hillary, multiple past statements by Democrats affirming the system is rigged, and proven issues with voter registrations #coincidentally favoring Democrats, Colbert recently monologued “the country is divided between those who think Trump will lose because the system is rigged, and those who are glad he’ll lose because the system isn’t.”

They rely on a very narrow definition of rigged.

There’s a running SNL joke that Trump thinks the election is on Nov 9th.

Lady Gaga cracked a joke at the beginning of one late night show, eminently predictable once she mentioned her “little monsters”, that Trump rallies were full of real monsters.

Who wouldn’t do violence to stop monsters? Show them clips of Trump supporters being attacked and you get, or find online, comments that they were bullying people and so they deserved it. Or – as mentioned earlier – “how do you know the videos aren’t faked, staged”.

Chew on that a minute, a video of an identifiable top Democrat operative seen by multiple witnesses at some of these events bragging at length how he stages violent confrontations is “selectively edited” or “staged”.

Talk about projection.

This story of the two wolves, by the way, ties in with one other thing that a recent Molyneux video covered. We can’t simply be defined by what we fight against, but what we fight *for. *What we strive to build, to create. War is a necessity that scars, and can forge, the soul, and beginning to fight against evil is a start, but we cannot be allowed to obsess over what we hate, we must instead work to ensure the survival of what we intend to build.

Or when we are done, we will have nothing around us but ruin. And nowhere to go from there.

We become what we strive to be, what we decide to be, how we decide to act. Those we oppose revel in the moment, in destruction, and rarely build. Even their art is hollow.

I fully expect riots and unrest after Trumps election.

Take care.