A man goes around the St Cloud Mall in Minnesota with a knife attacking people. Amazingly, it *is *reported he was shouting *Allahu Akbar, *that he asked his victims whether or not they were muslims, and ISIS claimed credit. Just as amazingly I have yet to hear insistence that Islam had nothing to do with it.

A wonderful example of reporting the facts while still carefully avoiding any of the obvious conclusions. After all, if we state that his political ideology / religious death cult was a motive, we’d have to start looking deeper at the *pattern*. 
The bomb in New Jersy that injured no-one near the route of a USMC charity run.
The bomb in Chelsea, NYC, that injured 25. A second device was reported found, and while I hadn’t seen the word “terrorist” bandied about, the reported behavior of the police was that of “We think this is terrorists, so we’re on the lookout for secondary explosives to catch responders.”
I’ve noticed that these attacks, while news is posted on them, are quickly shuffled aside. You can blame “it’s not news anymore” when we regularly have body counts and injury rates equal to or well North of what used to get extensive national attention (San Bernandino, Ft Hood, Boston). That said, the lying press decides what to fill the airwaves with. Reporting the bare minimum allows them to claim to be truthful, while they go back to wring their hands over Trump, Pepe, and “*RACISTS!!*“. 
If they report the news, if they point out the connections, the constancy of the attacks, again, and again, and the multiple common traits. If they even *begin* to speculate “on air” that a culture that holds grudges for centuries for blacking their eye when they came raping, pillaging, and burning is at fault (remember, loot, pillage, *then* burn. Burn always goes last). People might get angry, and do something about the ones who know what we should want for us. And maybe we’d have to accept that “magic dirt” doesn’t convert someone from the beliefs they brought with them.