I have no idea how Howard will pull this one out – or if he will. But damn.

If you like Schlock Mercenary, you’ve probably seen the comic before you came here.

Let’s just say that very bad things happen to very good people, in the cause of keeping loved ones and friends alive.

Here’s the thing – yeah, he no longer spends the quality time with Larry – or anyone else remotely conservative – on Writing Excuses (and it had gone downhill about the time the Puppeteer showed up – before I even knew her opinions on various people I looked up to, like Dr Pournelle – because she doesn’t really add anything, and all depth was lost with breadth) but he gets how to write a kick-ass story, and has years of experience finding not the first, or even second, likely solution to an issue.

If you haven’t read Schlock before – well, if you’re a Ringo fan, let’s just say the Troy Rising series started as a prequel to the Schlockverse, before it rapidly became non-canonical. I also know where Howard tells people to start – and it certainly is at a point his artwork and story pacing had vastly improved  – but I still love the early strips, bad art and all. Various things like the lawyers collective and the origin of Ennesby’s name are buried back in the old archives.