It's been an interesting couple weeks, with plenty of food for thought.

In the meantime, Sabaton finally released their "Great War" album. I don't know if this will over time supplant The Last Stand as my overall favorite Album, but every song on it is solid, two of the prerelease singles already featuring prominently in my workout mix, with a greater degree of complexity and variety as they take on more challenging musical compositions. The variety of melodies, including, yes, not recycling riffs as they have done on occasion, makes it an interesting listen all the way through from beginning to end. Of the major editions, you'll find the standard edition just has the songs, while the "history" edition has a short spoken lead-in making the context of the song explicitly clear.

Given they're swedes, and trying to make the rhythm scan properly, I'll even forgive them for saying "U-S-A Marines" in "Devil Dogs".

Brought a tear to my eye, the song did.