I had the opportunity to spend far more time listening to Nick R's podcast than I usually do, and while I usually only catch the highlights when I bother at all, these two are worth spending a little time on.

If time is of essence, just watch the second video for a bit at around 1:23:00 in.

The guy's name is Ron Toye, pronounced "toy-ay", and even without looking at his face or mannerism, immediate jokes about "Soy-ay" come to mind.

As one commenter put it - he looks like both a child and a child molester at the same time. This comment may have surfaced even if Ty Beard hadn't opened early with questions about Ron being a Pedophile to ask hypothetical questions about how false accusations should be dealt with.

Ron's effeminate manner and voice aside:

  • He ends up taking the position that it's perfectly OK for him to be fired if the company he's working for fires him because of false claims that he's a pedophile.
  • He has taken the strategy of acknowledging no memory of anything.
  • Observing the insufferable smirk on his face and evasiveness, a comment surfaced that he thinks he's the smartest guy in the room.
  • As shown in the timestamp I mentioned in the second vid, he's evasive as hell, sea lawyers every nitpick he can, and doesn't believe he has to answer direct questions with "yes, no, I don't know". To the point that Ty has to tell him at around 1:25:20 that no, Ron is not there to ask Ty questions, and that Ty is actually indulging him.
  • Yes, he nitpicks that the formatting of source posts and subthreaded posts aren't the same.
  • The last is especially important as Ty and Vic's team are trying to authenticate Ron's tweets, which should have already been provided as part of requrested discovery.
  • It also shows he has no idea what his situation is - that he actually can be compelled to answerquestions and why there's a deposition - and that he thinks he's above the process.