Around the 7:30 mark of the following Periscope video, the poll worker, who’s been playing a DARVO game of redirecting all questions, utters the mantra “I Feel Very Intimidated and Scared Right Now… I Feel Very Threatened By Your Presence” in an almost robotic tone of voice, as an excuse to threaten getting on the phone to call the cops. Gotta admire the reporter’s calm in all of this.

.[@JackPosobiec]( Watch on [#Periscope]( Hillary Campaign Threatened Trump Poll Worker With a… [](
— LastRedoubt (@vfm_5411) [November 8, 2016](

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As an aside, while Pennsylvania is a “all party” consent state for recording phone or private conversations, that rule does not appear to apply in this case: “Consent is not required of any parties if the parties do not have a reasonable expectation of privacy for their non-electronic communication”