It’s oft been noted on the right that liberals and leftists, especially SJW’s, commonly behave as if they are hollow inside, checking the boxes for very narcissistic or borderline behavior. In that vein, I want to bring your attention to one photo above from the article “Huma’s Spotted for First Time After Hillary’s Loss. The ‘Before’ and ‘After’ Couldn’t Be More Striking…” captioned “children consoled their mothers.”

Yes, I know, it was immediately after a picture captioned – I believe of the same two – “mothers consoled their children” (which for reasons that will become clear I don’t find much better).

This ties in with something seen across facebook and twitter, the number of posts – many by high profile figures – where their 8-year-old (it always seems to be one) is crying unconsolably, or “how do I explain this”.

Gentlemen, that picture is a textbook fucking example of parentification. You can find more discussions over at Dr. Tara’s at, and here. The short version is that the parent has the child assume parental roles, often acting as confidant or even emotional support for the child.

And it’s child abuse.

And in relation to the tweets – scaring the shit out of your kids about the election so that they’re in tears because Trump won, instead of being enough of a parent to assure them it will be OK no matter who wins, is child abuse. And not knowing how to explain that simple line “we’ll be OK”? It means no matter how many kids you’ve spawned, you’re not an adult.

And going on witter to guilt trip others using your kids? That is narcissism, and child abuse.

You’re not adults, your shitty little whiney kids who’re wrecking your kids lives because you refuse to grow up and believe the world doesn’t revolve around you.