Things were actually slower this week, and next week, excepting a job that I'd have to get on a lift for an on-site mount, is going to be an opportunity to get some longer-term projects knocked out after catching a breather. That also means being able to catch some time with the gang other than the usual Saturday session.

In the meantime, I discovered that Floor Jansen, the most recent and, in my opinion, best singer of the three who've fronted Nightwish as female vocalists, had appeared on a musical showcase in 2019 called Beste Zangers - the best singers.

First - I'm not even that much of a fan of this song, and haven't bothered to see the movie it came from - yet she manages to turn it into something special.

She has a voice that can easily bring you to tears, or cover you in goosebumps.

Finally, people liken descrybe Floor's style, or Tarja's, as opertic. So:

This is the same lady who headbangs and belts out a tune with teh best of them. Check out the hair-windmill roughly 35 seconds in: