I've decided to ditch Angular for now. On the advice of a friend, I took a look at Vue.js. No, it's not "batteries included." When it comes time to wire up node.js for the backend, and connecting to mongoDB there will be more to learn, but here's the thing.

I'm comfortable doing that for the backend, whereas the learning curve for angular to get the simplest things done was getting exceedingly steep in terms of all the different pieces that needed to be touched for every little thing.

May angular be better in the long run? Maybe.


For now, Vue makes it easy to create a front-end interface without the hassle of a lot of front-end dynamic DOM code, and a lot of the in-client logic, and when it comes time to get start wiring in the backend, that's work I've done before and do not mind.

So - it looks like my Traveller projects are shifting to a MEVN stack.