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The inestimable Col Tom Kratman, author of the Carerra books and the freely available A State of Disobedience, is up to his usual insights over at everyjoe

I’m not as enthused about the prospect as Patrick Henry was, two hundred and forty-one years ago, but that war is inevitable, more or less soon, seems to me very likely at this point. If it doesn’t begin from the right, the day after tomorrow, with a Hillary win by early Wednesday, which is to say, if she loses, it will begin in a few years or eight, and maybe from the left. Since it won’t be like the last one, with large but discrete armies maneuvering across the countryside, but a matter of small violence, bombings and kidnappings and assassinations, round-ups and gun-downs, everywhere, then one shouldn’t assume that that the left cannot learn to be effective enough.

But why is war inevitable? There are, I think, at least four reasons. One is that we’ve come to just flat hate each other so much. Another is that there are elements of our patrimony, especially navigable rivers, the Intra-coastal Waterway, and our rail net, that cannot be fully separated. A third is that upstate New York and some parts of Massachusetts have a great deal more in common with rural Alabama and Mississippi than the latter do with Jackson and Birmingham or the former with Boston, Albany, and New York City. Will a southern or midwestern Christian stand by idly when northeastern Christians are being rounded up for politically incorrect thought / thoughtcrime and ask for help? One doubts. Finally, there is the insuperable problem; this country, or these countries, if it got that far, cannot tolerate the existence of a hostile peer competitor, nor even a friendly one whose feelings may change, in this hemisphere. One or the other will have to go.

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