I almost laughed at the latest periscope “Darkstream” by Vox Day. I had just mentioned the other day that people familiar with actual narcissists and their inability to admit fault, their utter unwillingness to be seen as less than perfect, would never mistake Vox for one insecure in facing his failures – and in a marvelous bit of synchronicity, Vox does a bit of life coaching using his own failures as examples for how and why one should learn to face, and not be ashamed of, their failures.

The Darkstream itself is worth listening to, but one other point jumped out. It’s frequently mentioned that SJW’s in an organization kill it, prevent it from doing its main mission. But why?

You fight or play how you train. Put another way, what you focus on – what you dedicate time, resources, money, and attention to, are what you will get more of. Some overhead – managing paperwork and tracking hiring dates and salaries, office leases, utility costs, even IT costs, are unavoidable, but their goal is to make it possible for a company to do it’s primary job. The overhead of emergency gear and plans are to enable the company to contain, or continue operating after, a disaster or loss of services.

Even if SJW’s only infest HR they can destroy your company, by wasting their time drafting sensitivity and inclusiveness training directives, wasting paper and storage space promulgating it, and wasting the time of people creating or doing things that make money by taking their time and attention away from that, to focus instead on the SJW cause du jour.

It’s not just a loss of attention and production time, it’s the opportunity loss of acquired expertise and knowledge gained.

And that’s not even getting into people being hired for “diversity” because, supposedly, having different skin color or genitals from a white male magically makes you able to do stuff other’s can’t in a work context. If the person isn’t actually able to operate or work at the same level as the rest of their team because diversity was a primary goal rather than skill or dedication or curiosity or conscientiousness, others will have to pick up the slack. if they can.

For the brain dead, this is not an argument to hire or not hire women, or whomever. It’s an argument not to hire women simply because they are women to meet a quota. Ditto for any other label. And if the biggest thing they present about themselves is how special they are for being “different” in some way, they’re a lawsuit waiting to happen.

What you focus on is what you get. If you focus on hires who can string together words into pretty forms and echo proper “educated” english major/socialist talking points without concern for substance, or, say, their ability to play video games, you may end up with reviewers at places like Kotaku or Polygon who can’t finish an intro level to a video game they’re supposedly reviewing.

If your hires focus on how the male gaze is violence against women in video games rather than “is it fun, does it crash?”, you get articles on how gamers are dead instead of on the lack of real interaction, competition, or even puzzle solving in walking simulators like Gone Home or choose-your-own-(lack of)-adventure stories like Depression Quest with few actual choices that matter, because it’s educational.

Or agitation for the cause of the week instead of focusing on ensuring widgets are properly assembled.

SJW’s are a cancer. Choose them, and you choose the nature of your doom.