The level of hate has increasing - to the point where SNL even did a skit pissing on boomers and their narcissism. Owen Benjamin did a video talking about boomer dads - and then had to explain that no, if you were a decent dad and a boomer, then he wasn't talking about you.

And if you were taking it personally, maybe you weren't the great dad you thought you were.

Brian Neimeier over at Kairos also had a few things to say:

Dear Baby Boomers, Millennials may be immature, lazy snowflakes. They may have made poor life decisions. But a) you raised them that way, and b) you gave them school and career advice that is totally useless in today's job market because c) you turned the West into Clown World.

Now, to err is human. Boomers are hardly the first generation to set out with noble intentions that completely blew up in their children's faces. Great ambitions meet with spectacular failure as often as they yield great success.

Read closely, though, because here is the key difference that separates Baby Boomers from those prior generations and richly merits succeeding generations' scorn.

You brag about changing the world, and you did--objectively for the worse. You've presided over the West's slide into Brazil 2.0.

You hold the bulk of the money and all of the power, yet you obstinately refuse to accept one scintilla of responsibility for the cultural and economic collapse that happened on your watch.

Worse, you mock your own children for following your example--straight into poverty.

Worst of all, you murdered half of those children in the womb.

I lost count of how many boomers I've seen with "he who dies with the most toys wins!" Sure, some of the ones I know - not inclined to put that sticker on their car, plan for their kids, but then I also know a number of well-off boomers who, instead of being happy with the nice house they have, get one or two really nice vacation cabins in the mountains, at the beach, or whatever floats their boat.

Speaking of boats, I no-shit drove past one being towed named "my kids inheritance."

And some of those owning multiple homes and not renting them full time to a dedicated family or couple, but instead spending a month a year in it and maybe renting it as an intermittent vacation rental? If the subject of how Chinese and other "outsider" buyers driving up the housing market comes up?

If you guessed either "it's the market, duh" or "bitch about it while being so cluelessly unselfaware as to realize they're doing the same damn thing", you got it right.

[current age] is the new [20 | 30], yolo, must get your bucket list, go travel instead of live near your kids and help them out.... hey, why aren't my kids off living an adventure?

And yes, we know "not all boomers are like that" - I get it. But then, remember that I figured out how few people in a society need to be sociopathic wannabe suicide bombers to make a society melt down in constant terrorism. Not all boomers are like that, but enough more are that it's a very noticeable relative trend.

As Brian points out - it's not that they fucked up, it's that they are utterly unrepentant and smug about being unconcerned for what kind of legacy they're leaving, or the guidance they gave us that no longer works because they gathered up all the low hanging fruit, and ate the seed corn that would have provided for the following generations.

Update:Comment made elsewhere about this:

Kids were mostly, for this generation, an unwanted externality

This of course is perfectly in line with killing off the unwanted unborn, and telling kids that "I was really cool and fun until I had you."