Yeah, I've mentioned it before, but I was reminded that this is not a realization everyone, especially those who are reasonably solid and normal people, have.

They hate you. And they want you, and the things you love that don't fit the narrative and <current year>, gone.

Gamergate, the puppies, etc., all happened for a reason, and it's not because the Sads and Rabids wanted to take over SF, or that gamers were horrible sexists.

In short - they happened because those who want to control the culture, have that petty church-lady power over everyone but with guns and death camps to back it up, even if they don't realize that's the consequence, just couldn't let people alone.

So, a few reminders.

"Beto" was simply the most explicit about "hell yah, we want to send thugs with guns to arrest you or seize your gunz". Keep in mind that, while I couldn't give a shit about little Benny S or Candace Owens, we've had jews and black women called white nationalists. And the progressive crowd considers using the wrong pronoun to be a hate crime.

From USA Today : White nationalists could have firearms taken under red flag law proposed by Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris on Wednesday said if elected president she will press Congress to pass a red flag law that would allow law enforcement officials to temporarily seize the firearms of white nationalists that may be on the verge of carrying out a hate crime.

You see, by definition, gun owner types like the NRA, and the millions of people in it and paying dues, despite the leadership being useless cucks and gatekeepers, are terrorists. You can bitch about the Breitbart link but the original resolution is right here

It's getting harder and harder to find organizations that don't hate you. Dicks is, predictably on this list. So is Levi's. And many more.

Also, Ars and the crowd there suddenly care about mishandling classified info.

They'll do anything to get to Trump and those they hate. Violate the spirit of a presidential pardon and double jeopardy by declaring that it's perfectly OK to prosecute someone for a state crime even if pardoned at the federal level? Sure, go for it. In case you're wondering, the people quoted, the quotes provided, the tone of the various articles, and especially the comments, make it plain that this is only now a concern because they want payback. More sources here:

And they're happily willing to hurt and damage the projects they're working on to get that pony now. A coder cuts off access to a critical open source library for a commonly used package that is also used by ICE. This is another example of ruining the trust model that makes open source and the western economies in general work. Go figure the crowd at Ars (see Conde Nast in the above letter) has fully bought into "kids in cages" but loves Obama.

Speaking of Conde Nast and the technocratic types at Ars, I know for a fact that the attitude they have about self-driving vehicles, and needing to get rid of personally owned ones, is dirt common. They pitch it as "helpful" and "look how better your life will be", but in less guarded moments you discover that below that thin veneer it's very much "what the fuck is the matter with Kansas"?

"No politics allowed" in HS Seniors decorating their parkings spaces. I bet the "save the planet" type decorations aren't considered "political" though. And there are plenty of examples of pro-american, flag, etc. clothing being banned or students wearing them being told to cover up, etc. as well.

Also - get with the transgender program or lose your kids. Sure, in this case, it's been held up for now, but the fact that he lost custody of his kid in favor of his nutjob of a wife in teh first place is just nuts.

Side note, most people in the psych professions are there because they need the help more than most of their patients.

Despite turning into a bunch of total squishes, the guys at Baen are now being harassed because they put together a book of stories by, edited by, etc., guys named "David". Not inclusive enough, you know.

Of course, Jon just had his own run in with the SJW ban-police, along with Declan Finn, related to the latest books in their respective series. I highly recommend the first novel in both sets of books.