I go away for a few days, and when I come back from what I thought would be a quiet weekend on the news front at least, there are a lot of things to let slide.

Seriously, Tim Burton, the brilliantly hit-or-miss director of endless movies about outcast freaks was taken to task for insufficient dieversity (and no, I’m not linking to the Verge….)? I don’t think he’s figured out yet that liberals, especially SJW’s, are not the tolerant ones, nor do they care about artistic vision, only their vision.

Duke starts a re-education campus course on toxic masculinity? Of course, they insist it isn’t….

In a piece of true glory though, I finally found a use for personal pronouns….

A conservative student at the University of Michigan brilliantly worked the school’s new pronoun policy in a way that shows just how absurd things have gotten on college campuses. From now on, Grant Stroble’s professors have to address him as “His Majesty.”

Remember when I said one of Apple’s few advantages was that they had internal “tribal” knowledge of how their product was developed, assembled, and programmed from top to bottom? Well – so much for that one….

BEIJING—Apple Inc.’s first research center in China will be a $45 million facility located in the capital to develop hardware, the site’s landlord said, announcing some of the first details of the project.

No, they’re not moving everything offsite, but now it’s not just manufacturing but company-critical research stuff is now moving to places not here, not at the center of the company, and subject to the whims of third parties.  It’s a core competency of theirs. I know Michael Crichton had a few choice words about the long-term wisdom of such moves in his book Airframe.