If it weren’t for leftist papers, would England have any? Anyway, we have the latest dreck at the “Independent”.

One really has to try, or be profoundly ignorant of ones ignorance, to be so consistently wrong.

We’ve always been here – and only someone ignorant of the background of computer culture, gaming culture, Sci Fi culture, etc. would think otherwise. The “invasion” they see is a backlash – some articles in the past have even used that term. Hugos? Larry proved his point about it being a clique.

Then there’s this gem:

The movement is a nebulous online community whose values are almost indistinguishable from the far-right racism and sexism of Europe’s National Front or America’s Klu Klux Klan. They openly call for ethnic purity, believe in the inferiority of women, and treat all alternative sexualities as aberrant and illegal. The Alt-right hates “Libtards”, but it hates “Cuckservatives” more, a play on “cuckold”, for what the Alt-right see as their infidelity to true conservative values.

I’ll leave aside the strawman mischaracterizations in that paragraph. I’ve got news for them – not only do they display profound ignorance of everything outside of their little bubble, but in some ways, we’re worse.

The opposite of love is not hate, it’s apathy. And we. don’t. care.

If anything, most alt-righters would gladly take black nationalists up on their desire for an independent state – and leave them to their own devices.

That may be far worse, for them, in the long run.