QuQu does another (as usual excellent) video on Internet Harassment.

I’ve personally been banned from sites/conversations, the first time of which was because I pointed out (early in Gaga’s fame, after someone had gushed about a recent single) that yeah, that one was OK, but I really had a problem with the song “just dance” because the behavior of the viewpoint character was horribly irresponsible.

Think about it – drunk off her gourd, lost her phone, purse, wallet, etc., separated from her friends.

Yes, I was driven out for “victim blaming” – especially after I pointed out that, yes, a mugger is responsible for his decision to mug me, but that doesn’t mean it’s wise to walk through the bad part of town (as most clubs are) drunk, alone, and holding out a wad of cash.

Also see the response Larry Correia and a certain beauty pageant winner have gotten for suggesting women should learn to defend themselves from potential rapists.