Modern 'Christian' movies have been marred by two things. Low production values - something steadily improving - and a definite hatred of as Dalrock has elaborated in his posts on Fireproof and other Kendrick movies. Nevertheless, it may be worth your time to look at the recently completed and soon to be released "Unplanned" when it comes out.

It is, roughly, the story of Abby Johnson, the youngest woman who ever became director of a Planned Parenthood clinic, in Texas. Who was part of the machine counseling women on their options, and convincing them to get abortions. Of the things that she saw that began morally troubling her, culminating with her effectively walking out of her job on the day she ended up participating in a procedure.

The film has an R rating. Not because it's a slasher flick, or for nudity, but apparently because it unflinchingly portrays an abortion being performed, complete with ultrasound images of the baby being vacuumed out.

As an aside, while it does have a doofus dad, her husband, unusually, is portrayed as honest, dependable, and wise. OK - as wise as you can be and, believing abortion to be wrong, marrying a woman who works at a clinic.

One aspect that may shock you is how they represent Planned Parenthood as selling abortion as a solution instead of being in it to generally help women, because, among other things, that is how they make their money.

It is, however, no surprise to me.

Sure, there are useful idiots who think that abortions shouldn't be for convenience, only for "necessity" - we'll get back to that later - and are shocked, think you're propagandized, and a moron, when you discuss abortion being used as birth control. They obviously haven't done the very little digging to discover the feminist rhetoric, or women online, treating pregnancy as a disease, for which there is of course a "cure."

Nor do you have to go far to find people who consider a fetus a "parasite."

I've stated before that while I am dubious as to what good effect his "change my mind" segment have, that I admire his willingness to put his money where his mouth is. His recent one has an example of a derange lunatic who just wants him shut down:

They want you dead. Exiled. Never to be seen or heard.

Perhaps more instructive though is one of the full interviews. I'll recap it for the point I'm making to save you time.

One - she illustrates perfectly the "useful idiot" type, who thinks she's informed, etc., but hasn't thought through the moral positions, and wasn't aware that Democrats in the legislature were so fixated on a woman's right to murder a viable child that if one had survived abortion, they would not support it receiving care.

Two - even though she isn't one of the people cheering the expansion of late-term abortion laws, she nevertheless demonstrates the solopsism inherent to defenders of abortion.

"My" body. "My" life. "My opportunities" to thrive, etc.

And they dismiss a fetus as not alive until , at minimum, it's viable (and as I've just noted, not even then - the arguments for which could be applied to teenagers as well...)

You see, women "need" those abortions. Not because of ectopic pregnancies or other morally regrettable issues, but because it prevents them from becoming all they can to deal with the consequences of their choices.

"But let's be realistic", "abstinence doesn't work", and "there aren't enough foster families,"" and.....

Yet she expects someone else to condone her choice to kill what, barring natural disaster, will become a living, breathing human being, because she couldn't make good choices earlier, and she "needs" to be free of those obligations to have a good life.

What a selfish, pathetic whore.

Among other things, those opportunities she would be "unfairly" denied? Her choice denies others those same choices too, and far more. With far less say in the matter.

Update: The lady in the Crowder video called in to Crowder's regular show later and had a long, interesting, and worthwhile discussion. I still believe she was badly misled as to what her options were, and what she was giving up, but I apologize for calling her a whore. As it stands, the live "change my mind" interview still stands out as an example of the kind of thinking promoted and accepted by the "choice" crowd.