Ibrahim-Al-Bork, the ysmam of the Order of Light, has started the next leg of his jiha… journey, and is travelling to Sashine. He has condemned the apparent greed and childishness of Elan beeblebrox.

In other local news, Elan Beeblebrox is rumored to be meeting with the notorious law firm of Scamm and Howe in Sashine.

Stellar investments has made moves to get into the dock transshipment and cargo transfer business, with a new set of private, optimized, high-efficiency cutting edge transfer docks entirely coincidentally  outside of the  normal orbital habitat custom zones in Chergeia.

Rockmart automation has announced their latest product, the retro-retro encabulator, and has begun test marketing it in Unie.

Peroshkiy foods is launching a new farmers collective in Antomare.