Bear with me, as this involves a partially remembered conversation of someone paraphrasing.

It’s been said, here and elsewhere, that SJW’s and liberals are children. Like narcissists and other cluster-B’s they act as if they are emotionally stunted, never progressing beyond the teenage years, if that, in the ability to deal with conflict and setbacks.

A few days back I observed a conversation where one side pointed out the bit at the women’s march, just after the inauguration, where Madonna spoke of dreaming of blowing up the white house. The other retorted that, yeah, but she then spoke of love “Trumping” hate, and that they would show love, be peaceful, etc.

It’s only today it hit me what the lady was blind to.

The key point for those of us pointing out Madonna’s statement, in or out of context, is that she has these thoughts in the first place. Whereas on the right, even during the Obama years, you wouldn’t hear such talk. Can you imagine a protester at the Tea party getting up to say that?

I don’t mean the media/Mother Jones/left reaction. I mean can you imagine a speaker at a Tea Party or other right wing rally getting up and going “I dream of blowing up the white house,” even if they then state that they decided there was a better way?

Yes, people are fallen, and selfish, and have to be taught to transform their self-concern into virtue. Whether its lack of emotional maturity or mental discipline, or some other aspect of the behaviors in common between the left and narcissists, the right doesn’t obsess over hurting people, nursing grudges like a mean girl or a gamma would. I had the mental image of that line by Dr Banner in the Avengers – the secret to his becoming the Hulk is not that he gets angry, it’s that he releases the leash upon the fury constantly boiling inside. Given that it comes from a (otherwise successful) gamma like Joss Whedon, that suddenly makes more sense.

I’ve long had the sense that the left is so obsessed with TRYING to love, signaling their tolerance and kindness, because they desperately want to be, and are not. That they are angry, and you can see the mask slip, watch them lash out. Watch the contempt come out for anything you think because it hurts, it requires them to accept that not all is as they want*.* Instead of improving themselves they take shortcuts to feel good, don a mask. And to the degree they are narcissists, borderlines, etc., the mask may well be the best they can do.

But it’s also why they will never understand why we have an issue with someone who declares they dream of exacting violence upon others, no matter how much they then decide to be “tolerant.”

We’ve seen the “tolerance” in action.

To refer back to the old parable of the two wolves – they don’t feed the wolf of virtue, they slaughter it and dress the wolf of anger, hate, and fear in its skin.