Transition Points

Transition Points

The weekend was spent with family and friends. Also spent a lot of time unfucking things that I had left fallow for far too long - with a reasonable degree of excusability, but I really should have gotten around to it sooner.

What next?

I think I need to renew my promise of five posts a week. It'll be difficult - I've taken on a couple more daily hell-or-high-water obligations, if not big ones, I'm spending time on music, and maintaining my excercise.

In the longer run, I need to figure out where I'm going to be in five years, because I can't move anywhere useful yet, but that's the end of the closing window for me to prepare and find a new place I can fit in. Somewhere friendly to guns and minor livestock, with decent internet access, and more room for hard copies of books.

And a woodstove.

For the blog itself, I need to figure out why the commenting system doesn't allow for inline comments as most of the structure is there - yet even on the official nodeBB blog, the comments don't appear inline. Also have to fix a mail relay issue for notifications, and figure out how to crowbar in search. I'm not going back to Wordpress.

In a lot of ways, this weekend and the week leading up have been more about reassessments than even New Years.

God bless you all.

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