I should have this back in operation soon enough but this compute instance completely hung in a way that rendered it inoperable from the VM console, etc., and so some backend changes as to the nature and location of the VM's will be happening. Not changing back to wordpress or anything silly, this is more a few quirks in how the VDI is managed that frankly are done better in other places even outside of AWS or Azure.

Good thing I run those backups, eh?

I should be rocking and rolling in time for the weekend. Sucks because there were a couple things I wanted to write about. But since I can't guarantee that I won't see a logfile full of i/o errors where I am, and I don't like VDI consoles that can't act as an actualy console, I need to clean up a bit.

Update: due to a quirk of how the NodeBB plugin works combined with post ID changes when they were reimported, this and a couple other of the posts had their comments threads orphaned, and are no longer connected to it. I apologize for the inconvenience.