In the recent periscope by Vox Day discussing the fallout from the rally in Virginia, he focused again on the stupidity of Nazi imagery, the Alt-Reich, and issues of “are we just cucking” in not embracing Nazi imagery.

So – if they’re calling us Nazis anyway, why not, right?


OK. Are we Nazis? I’m not. I’m certainly not German, I’m certainly not a German supremacist much less a white one, I have no desire to rule the world, and I want no part of a leftist, collectivist ideology even if it’s dressed up in nationalist colors.

If they insist on thinking of themselves as Nazis, then the alt-reichtards are “right” in the same way that Nazis were – because of the communist big lie, and because they, like most of Europe, fell for the delusion that the problem with National Socialism was the nationalism they shared with everyone else.

And if they want to adopt the ideology (edit- LR) of a failed bunch of leftist collectivists with delusions of imperial grandeur, they are not of the right.

So – the left, antifa, the media, the cluckservatives will all call me Nazi anyway?

So what? We. Don’t. Care.

The point of “they’ll call you a Nazi anyway” is that I should not be scared to do what I see is right, should not stop doing what I intend to do, because someone calls me a Nazi.

The point is not that I should go ahead and put on the uniform and the armbands, become a Nazi, much less LARP as one like a poser, since they’ll apply the label.

Because I’m not a fucking socialist. I’m not a progressive. I’m not a fascist. I’m not a communist, a Trotskyite, or anything else like that.

And since that is not what I am, I sure as hell won’t start acting like it just to placate some ignorant morons, or give the left the optics they wish.

If you insist that being part of the right means we should LARP as Nazis, then I agree with Vox – you’re not interested in saving western civilization.

You also are more interested in playing dress-up games than winning.