Brian writes a post on two rules, how yet another relative normie “conservative” begins to realize that the left doesn’t care about “hypocrisy” because the standards they espouse are but clubs to hit us with, the real moral metric is what the post modernists told us all along – power. And if we lose with dignity, we will lose.

And they want us gone.

If the bakery suits, if Brendan Eich’s ousting, if the treatment of even liberals slightly to the right of Stalin – or hell, the hatred of fellow socialists like Nazis that simply chose alternate victim groups too soon and dared oppose “communists”, the banning from any and every social platform where the flimsiest excuse can be found (Alexander Macris, of ACKs fame, was just banned from despite not posting there for eight months), the efforts to hound us out of the social sphere and any form of livelihood demonstrate anything, it’s that it’s not enough to take over whatever sphere they enter, we’re not allowed to be left alone to make our own.

We must submit, body and soul.

Or else.

For more examples – Ringo was banned from Con Carolina (though they have since changed their mind – about future cons. We shall see), Larry Correia was banned from Origins despite being scheduled as guest of honor. It looks like another activist tried to get both banned from DragonCon.

Sure, they’re big names, it won’t hurt them for a while. Eventually though, they’ll be cut off from more and more, and so will their fans.

Bradford Walker lays out how even after the death of gamergate figure Total Biscuit, they couldn’t show some basic decency. I had acquaintances shocked that I couldn’t show sympathy for the demise of Ted kennedy, and yet I wouldn’t bring myself to gloat beyond, with close friends, a “good riddance”.

I certainly wouldn’t gloat in public.

Quickbooks/Intuit has gone out of their way to screw over several firearms – related companies.

I repeat, here’s the critical part.

They’re not willing to accept “freedom of association”, close up their own spheres, and allow us our spheres and tolerance/coexistence within the public sphere.

They want us out of the public sphere utterly, and will take over/colonize any sphere they wish. They want to strip us of careers, social networks, friends, support, livelihoods, and the financial networks to get by.

In short, a slower form of starvation and death. Unpersoning.

In the pursuit of this they will claim any standard, but sacrifice those supposed standards in the name of power. They will ostracize, disemploy, and attack their fans and bite the hand that feeds them to establish control.

As Disney showed with Star Wars, as Marvel has demonstrated with their redoubled commitment to diversity – they are willing to sacrifice long term viability and profit for their ideology. As Bradford Walker has noted (and Macris recently brought to my attention):

Anciently, when a conqueror completes a conquest one of the things done do cement control and establish dominance is to change the mythology of the conquered nation. Their heroes get degraded, their deeds defiled, and the conqueror’s heroes supercede them in all ways- often with ease. To the generation surviving the conquest, this is insult added to injury, but left unchecked the generations that follow will accept this degenerate mythology as normal- and if the conqueror is wise, they leave an out for the subjects to go all the way and buy into their control. It’s the mythological equivalent of killing a man, taking his wife for oneself, and slaughtering his children by her before seeding your own to both remove loose ends and make her accept the conquest as inescapable.

They want us dead. There may be weapons of theirs we may still decide not to use, but we must stop giving them our money, we must stop “being better than that.” I’ve said it before in regards to the golden rule – it’s not a dictum to be nice, but to be good. Do we treat others as if it’s acceptable to abuse us?