They hate us, and they think we're idiots.

It's not just SNL recently running a skit bashing any form of defense by Trump, and by Derschowitz as his lawyer, or pretending like the republicans are not wanting to call witnesses when the name of the game has been effectively only the Democrats callng witnesses, especially in the house, while not answering questions regarding who, what, and how. It's the news playing the usual games with those who don't have the option of "don't talk to the media" but should be wiser in the execution. It's also panels on CNN openly mocking Trump supporters and the people in what they dub "flyover country" as dumb hicks, when said dumb hicks are subject matter experts on stuff that they are helpless to suss out without a major change in perspective. As the didact put it:

By bending the knee to the Lord of Lies, the Prince of this world, the (((media))) classes have basically turned away from the truth. They have refused to tell the truth as best they can, with the limited information that they have.

There was also, a bit longer ago, the op-ed at MSNBC where the question was openly asked if it was possible to prevent Trump voters from voting because said votes would be unconstitutional:

If the Trump era has taught us anything, it's that large numbers of white people in the United States are motivated at least in part by racism in the voting booth. Donald Trump ran an openly racist campaign for president, calling Mexicans rapists and criminals, regularly retweeting white supremacists and at least initially balking at repudiating former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke. Trump made it clear in his campaign that "Make America Great Again" meant that America was greater when white people's power was more sweeping and more secure. White voters approved of that message by a whopping 58 percent to 37 percent.

Some politicians deny the evidence, no doubt because they don't want to alienate white voters, including prejudiced ones. Other commentators try to parse whether Trump's racism will be a winning strategy in 2020. Terry Smith, a visiting professor at the University of Baltimore School of Law, offers a different response in his new book, "Whitelash: Unmasking White Grievance at the Ballot Box." Rather than excuse racist voters or try to figure out how to live with their choices, he argues that racist voting is not just immoral, but illegal. The government, Smith says, has the ability, and the responsibility, to address it.

It's not just a rogue operator. This article was approved and published by the people working around it's author. A number of the people who hate Trump very plainly agree with the first paragraph, and will openly call you a racist/right winger, white supremacist if you dare say otherwise. They will do so even when you ask them to point to where those words, or anything meaning that was actually said - and they'll tell you it's a dog whistle.

Then of course, there is the recent expose by project Veritas:

These people do not want to ever hear from you or have to consider what yo uwould like. To get there, they will rig the system or import voters who think the "right" way until they can shut you up at the point of a gun. Implied or otherwise.