Google recently put out its methodology for determining wages and pay to address allegations that they are systematically underpaying female staff and programmers.

The verge of course has [the expected response]( (web archive). Let’s start with the headline:
> **Google releases pay methodology in attempt to prove no gender gap exists**
Subtle, I tell ya. Reeeeeaaal subtle. 
> The statement once again denies that any pay gap exists within the company, explaining the “gender-blind” way the company makes its salary calculations, which it says is based on “role, job level, job location as well as current and recent performance ratings.”
Nice scare quotes you’ve got around “gender-blind.”
In case you’re too dense to get the hint the Verge editors are trying to apply with a two-by-four, immediately above the giant, flaming, eye-searing pink pull quote “GOOGLE USES A SUPPOSEDLY ‘GENDER-BLIND’ METHOD TO WORK OUT PAY” you see:
> Google’s expressed methodology would seem to iron out imbalances in wages, but Naughton notes that before pay details are run through the equity model, they can be adjusted by an employee’s line manager — “providing they cite a legitimate adjustment rationale.”
And we know those schemers are trying to find any rationale they can. Right?
It doesn’t matter how converged you are – if you have any dedication to quality, to getting the job done consistently, right, and well, SJW’s will get on your case for the inevitable side effects of not having the current desired distribution of “minorities”.