Ibrahim-Al-Bork , the apparent ysmam of the Order of Light  appeared in Larelstia to give a series of speeches impugning the stellar powers for their lack of faith and wanton ways, and lack of care for the poor. The poor flocked to him, with many cripples and destitute among those seeking his favor and charity from the crowds.

Pee Wee Banzai and the Worst Hussars head to Sashine for a scheduled concert. Tickets are expected to be sold out. Crowds line up at ticket booths.

Rockmart announces a new line of nano optical fiber from their new state of the art manufacturing plant in Chestin, used for new gen optics and controllers.

The New Republic states that any rumors of a bioresearch facility in the banned system of Moltanos are false allegations by the New Nijon government. This despite recordings of screams produced by the NNN secretary from one of their ships, where screaming and various noises are heard.

The NNN spokesman states that a NNN ship, the NNN Hitori, nuked the alleged facility.