I count myself fortunate to have work, but one of the consequences of the last week has been a lot of time spent scrambling to help people get moved to working from home. That said, it's been home cooked meals for the last couple weeks. I've gotten my inline skates working again. The hard part was tracking down a suitable brake replacement since Solomon hasn't sold skates in the US for over a decade, putting me in the position of "do I replace an otherwise perfectly fine $150 set of boots for the lack of a $5 part". I've spent a lot of time walking and biking around the community with family (there are easy 1.5, 2.5, and 3 mile loops). I also got together with a few friends to discuss starting up a Dying Earth vibe AD&D campaign, which immediately devolved into a discussion of which method to use for stat rolls, and how magicians get their spells.

As it is, despite a pretty strong stat block, I'm only qualified for the basic classes - theif, fighter, magic user, cleric - and illusionist. In middle school I'd have hoped for Ranger, now I was hoping for monk or paladin. To be fair, getting a monk is a very high bar to cross - possibly the hardest other than the ridiculously high charisma needed for paladin.

All in all, now that I've got a chance to run on something other than autopilot/crisis mode and to catch my breath, it's been a good week, and I pray that the work I've done helps people stay in their livelihoods and solvent.