For those who have been following along until now, I've mentioned Sabaton repeatedly. I've also now mentioned their history channel, in collaboration with Indy Neidell.

Yeah, those guys at Sabaton have a knack of doing something useful and informative that also opens up more business opportunities and promotion. Of course a channel dedicated to covering specific events from their songs will also be used to hilight songs from upcoming albums (and an upcoming tour that starts in the states this fall).

Indy has been busy as well, and if you have not yet, check out at least three channels he's associated with: Time Ghost History, The Great War, and World War II.

Incidentally, for those who don't think false flags and shallow excuses are alive and well:

The Soviets launched an artillery barrage they blamed on the Finns, as an excuse to invade. Then, after siezing a town that was left undefended, they constituted a new "Finnish" government composed of Finns who'd fled to the USSR years before. This government, coincidentally, immediately gave the Soviets every concession the USSR had requested of Finland.