Today, we mark a moment of hope. The cultural war is far from over – we have only, finally, begun to fight – but it is the first step.

All your base are belong to us.

All of your safe space as well.

The next is far more important. Even if TGE drains the swamp, builds the wall, butchers the government back into sensible size and scope, the SJW’s and “tolerant” left will double down. They will work harder to contain us, destroy us, ruin our lives, and not see the false progress they’ve made reversed. I’ve recently posted my own considerations of the hazards involved, and in either case we must be strong, resourceful, and set aside fear.

And so…

Lord. May the God-Emperor do your will. May we find the strength to as well to follow your will, to vanquish the foes of humanity – those which deny it and anyone but themselves as gods above us – to set freedom across the land, and at the end, to show mercy to those who deserve it, and justice to those who do not. May our resolve be unwavering, our aim be true, and souls find contentment in just righteousness.