…is, as Stefan notes, a de-facto admission that college degrees are often not worth the investment.

The relevant discussion starts at around 1:40, but, as usual, the whole damn show is well worth watching.

It actually makes sense, and is a devastating argument. Sure, I’ve argued that college/university, outside of some technical fields, is no longer worth the investment – and of course been called anti-education for my pains despite said complainer knowing my wall full of books. As an aside, most of those are the ones I’ve kept through multiple military and other moves, and have survived repeated winnowing. Just in paper reading I’ve got less than half of what I’ve owned, I’ve checked out far more from the library, and my ebook collection?

But to get back on track… The whole point of going to college is to get a degree to get a good-paying job. It’s so important it’s a shibboleth, and damn near a fetish – see above where I get attacked for being anti-education for noting that college may not be the best way to get one.  Yet student debt because they’re not getting said high-paying jobs to pay back the incurred debt is such a problem that it was a popular plank for Hillary’s only viable “Democrat” competition for the primaries (*aside: *Socialist, by his own description, though Debbie Wasserman Schultz called him a “good Democrat” on air, and then couldn’t articulate when asked what the difference between that and a “good Democrat” was).

The colleges are failing at the very job that is supposed to justify their exorbitant expense.