Just an example of something that’s come up in response to Trump and others discussing arming teachers:

If I can be trusted to teach your kid calculus, I can be trained to handle a firearm.

— Archer (@BoraxCross) March 21, 2018

If they can be trusted to teach French they can be trusted to fly a 747.

— ZKep (@z_kep) March 21, 2018

Intellectual dishonesty: the tweet. https://t.co/CDKIFRCZSX

— Archer (@BoraxCross) March 21, 2018

Not the first time I’ve heard that attitude. Shortly after Sandy Hook, one of the local middle school teachers posted his opinion publicly, and in his, college educated, adult, mature opinion, he and his peers couldn’t be trusted to safely operate guns without shooting the students.

Think on that for a second.

High schoolers, hell, even middle schoolers, are trusted to be taught how to handle machinery easily as complex as any firearm, often have greater procedural complexity for safe operation, and while a drill press or bandsaw aren’t portable, you can certainly lose a limb, an eye, or severely hurt someone else with them. And far simpler implements like hammers and knives are also lethal. Yeah, the ignorant scoff, and no, you can’t get the range you can with a firearm, nor do you need the strength, and yes, guns are still “better” – until you run out of ammo – but considering how often you’re within 20′ of each other when things turn deadly, only a fool ignores hammers and knives, as knifing sprees regularly racking up 15+ dead in the orient will attest.

It certainly doesn’t help the “guns are magic wands that make everyone else lose” crowd that London has gone full retard and is confiscating gardening tools.

So we have devices simple enough to be operated by school children.

We have people in the military who have never been to college and thus never been exposed to the moral guidance and superior moral compass bestowed by a college education. They manage not to go around shooting everyone that looks at them funny (except when a leftist wants to call them babykillers).


Ditto cops – many don’t have college either.

So a college educated person to whom we entrust the education and discipline over our children figures he and his peers are neither technically able to operate simple machinery nor emotionally and morally stable enough to not flip out and shoot them over something trivial.

You especially don’t have to look hard to find that second argument in some form.

And yes, you also get morons determined to prove the naysayers right, who against state law bring their weapons in school and then decide to “check if it’s unloaded”. Seriously. I’m about an absolutist over the 2A as the JFPO (Jews for the Preservation of Firearm Ownership) was under its founder, and I don’t carry a gun on school grounds when I have to visit one because it’s against the law – and nothing at this time is worth breaking what I consider a “bad” law.

If you cannot safely operate a mechanical device simpler than a car, you’re not smart enough to teach my kids. Anyone’s kids. Not even goats. I won’t let my kids ride with you, and will insist you have someone else drive you as I won’t have my kids on foot anywhere near where you’re operating a vehicle.

If you don’t have the emotional stability and maturity to not blow a kid away for giving you backtalk (yes, I’ve heard that argument), you’re too unstable and abusive even without a gun to trust with even the smallest power over any kid.

Yes, even over goats.

I fully understand not wanting the responsibility to use that power wisely, but that’s not the argument I’ve literally seen made – which is often a variant of “we’re too crazy and stupid”.

Which also boils down to “I’m incompetent or abusive or both, have no place teaching kids or in any other position of authority, and should be fired.”

Oh, and if you think you’re a great guy, but consider a majority of your peers to be such people, maybe you should hang out in a profession with better and less abusive/broken/stupid people.

Or maybe you’re projecting and should instead look in a mirror.