Stardock is approaching the finish line on releasing Star Control: Origins, and of course has a new update on the game development.

When Star Control: Origins began its development, it was firmly on the “mobile” philosophy.  Now, to be sure, I’m not making a comment on whether the mobile style is good or bad.  It’s probably the most common style even in new games, especially Unity games.

However, the more we began playing the game, the more we realized how much immersion we lost when confronted with the mobile style UI. 
When I play a role playing game, I want to get lost in it.  I don’t want to be constantly reminded that I’m playing a video game. And so, over time, a new UI design philosophy gradually emerged.

I for one am eagerly awaiting the release. I’m a huge fan of GalCiv III and have really enjoyed Shadows of the Singularity, and am willing to put my money in to see if this pays off.