No, not THOT’s – that’s what Friday’s are for.

And other occasional holidays.

First, the inimitable Didact on how the left is eating itself (again).

And once you understand – truly, at the deepest level – that freedom is the substitution of self-responsibility, and therefore self-control, for responsibility and control imposed by others, you will understand that to be a victim means to give up freedom.

To be a victim is to be a slave.

And that is the reality of the modern Left.

They are not about freedom. They are not about tolerance. They are not about enlightenment, progress, rational discourse, decency, humanity, or secular values.

They are all about slavery. They want you enslaved – blind, deaf, dumb, and chained, unable to think or feel anything for yourself. They will take away all that you have, all that you love, and give it to those who have done nothing to earn it.

They are losers, of the worst and foulest and most pathetic kind.

Socialism is a death cult. It kills the mind and spirit, and eventually bodies. It enslaves you to animal drives and whosoever gains the power to determine what you need, and how much you are able to work.

Of course, read the whole thing.

Also from the Didact – he is still not tired of winning.

Speaking as one of those little brown brothers, and possessing a rather unusual degree of respect for both American law and culture – unlike most of my compatriots and fellows, actually – I am utterly confounded by the fact that both American liberals and foreigners take exception to the radical notion that the American people have the right to protect their own borders.

I mean, how’s this for an idea – since America seems to love Mexicans so much, why not just have America’s laws concerning immigration and border security match Mexico’s? Surely that would untangle all of the silly liberal panty-wads?

Nonetheless, it is a compelling vision. The notion that anyone can be American, as long as one is of good character and really truly absolutely wants to be American and loves the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence and the ideals of the Founding, is a very pleasant illusion in which to indulge.

Speaking as someone who actually fits all of those civic nationalist parameters, I must issue a clear and painful correction to the civic nationalists:

Your vision will not work in reality.

The main reason why America used to work so well, the reason why it became the world’s greatest country and stayed that way for so long, was because its racial, ethnic, and cultural mix was predominantly made up of Christians of European descent, up until about 50 years ago.

And because America insisted on taking the best that Europe had to offer and left behind its worst impulses, she became the greatest example and defender of Western civilisation in history.

That dream is now gone. America has experienced the single largest mass invasion ever recorded – over 130 million people over the course of about 50 years, if you include the descendants of all of the people who emigrated to America after the 1965 Hart-Celler Act. The vast majority of those invaders possess no real allegiance to the American Constitution, no particular love of the ideals that built the country, and no small hostility to the white majority that made America so successful in the first place.

Again, there are exceptions to these statements. Quite a few of them read this blog. The author of this blog is one of those exceptions.

But the exceptions do not change the rule, which says quite simply that if you import more of X, you eventually end up with X.

There are several aspects to this.

“What about meeeeee” crosses the mind of all of us that Vox Day would dub “not real Americans”.

I get it. By those standards, neither am I, and as I’ve relayed before, I have had to learn the painful truth that when push comes to shove, I have seen even the most globalist/leftist of latin Americans born in the states identify with the country of their parents birth. I have seen my own family and others from in the ethnic community of northern European immigrants, even again those born in the states, side with the interests of the homeland rather than the one they were born in. And while I might, maybe, have considered going back to that nation if Hillary had won and things got even worse, that would have been a last ditch effort – I fully intended even in that circumstance to stay and fight for my country, here. So much so that I had not even begun the process to obtain dual citizenship, as the divided loyalties implied do not sit well. I also never would fit in there either, completely.

Too americanized from where I was raised.

I have chosen my team, if they will have me.

And that’s the rub – there is a sense where those who believe in the values of America can be born anywhere. God alone knows what we may have had in Iran and the ME compared to now if the CIA hadn’t been so determined to fuck with things, or if the communist infiltration of the US Govt hadn’t deliberately botched the end of WW2 and the cold war.

But it doesn’t mean they’re Americans. Hell, it may not be the best thing for them or America for them to come here. Those people could be a shining light in their own countries, making their own countries better, into a version of freedom that reflects their own people and traditions.

Ultimately though, there’s a flip side to what I’ve said before about target selection. Sure, I can claim to be whatever, but in the end, I look white enough that those who obsess about such things and hating white “racism” will target me as white. That doesn’t automatically put me on the American team though.

In a sense it’s like a pick-up game of Basketball where you’re waiting for the team captains to pick teams – you also have to be chosen by that side as well to be a part of that team, or you’re own your own.

The good news is that for the most part, for now, at least, what side you’re willing to back is still the most important criteria.

And we can’t give up, it’s a project that never ends.

The last bit today is a meditation on civilization that applies to tomorrow, or what tomorrow should represent, very well.

And yet, as I noticed how bad it was today, I thought to myself, “but it has only been a few weeks since we mowed!”

Folks, that is the nature of grass. Unless you just flat out kill it, it is going to keep growing. You can cut it today, but before too long, you will have to do it again. Once we are finished, we will look like we live in civilization again, but now, we live in a mini-Amazon rain forest.

And that is just what civilization does. It beats back the jungle. It carves out a place where decent folks can live and prosper. But the nature of the jungle is to keep growing and reclaim what was previously tamed. If you do not stay on top of it, it will eventually take back what it has lost.

You don’t conserve something by leaving it alone. A fence, a car, a building, anything crafted and built requires constant care and maintenance to continue to serve its function. Culture, without creating new culture, riding on the inertia of what has gone before, or allowing the nihilistic post-modern death cult to take it over, dies.