The difference between a fast fire and an explosive device can sometimes simply be that of whether or not the fire is contained. Thus the use of pressure cookers and pipes in explosives – to contain the explosion until it’s sufficiently powerful, instead of burning out over time, or scattering itself uselessly. As the infogalactic article states:

The containment provided by the pressure cooker means that the energy from the explosion is confined until the pressure cooker itself explodes, creating a relatively large explosion using low explosives and generating potentially lethal shrapnel.

Something similar holds true with immigration, and what happened recently in Manchester. 
Yeah, I am, as Vox put it in a recent periscope, a civic nationalist in ideal. That said, even before the last few years I had far higher requirements for “let them in” than the majority of civic nationalists did – which I’ve [elaborated on elsewhere]( I concluded:
> We can do it the relatively humane and low-friction way, getting rid of obvious troublemakers, not taking people in, expecting assimilation, and encouraging the rest to leave, or we can do it the *really* ugly, violent, high friction way. Or we can avoid rocking the boat, and in the end, go away, little but a memory. That said, if we don’t choose a), low friction, then I believe we won’t go away, and things will get very, very nasty indeed.
I also [followed up a bit]( after Razorfist discussed the wall. 
So, pressure cookers?
Well, we have the option to let them out slowly, and fairly painlessly (I’m under no illusions there will not be fights and even some killing as people resist) by discouraging them, cutting off the benefits of being here, so that only the most die-hard stay, and stop them from trying to change our culture. We also have the option of pretending we don’t have a problem – lock the lid on it and let the pressure build up until there are explosions of blood and violence.
The longer we cannot speak the truth, the longer we tolerate those who have no interest in joining us aside from taking our stuff and living like parasites off the largess of the culture we created, the more violent and sudden the explosion will be when it comes.So, what inspired this? The excellent post [here by the Didact]( I’ve excerpted what brought this to mind, but read the whole thing.

They need to get out, permanently- preferably voluntarily, but by force if necessary. There is no place for Islam in the West, not any more. Enough is enough.

For their own good, for their own sake, for the sake of the people of the West and of Western civilisation itself, go, and do not come back.

Attacks like the one in Manchester have become a virtual fact of life to Europeans now- and sooner, not later, they will become so to Americans as well, unless Islam and its adherents are told in no uncertain terms to leave.

I do not make this claim lightly. Several of my co-workers are Muslim. A daughter of my family’s very dear friends in London is married to a Muslim. Such folk have lived for decades and even generations outside of Muslim lands.

It is likely that I, too, would be caught up in a drive to push Islam out of the West. I am not white. I come from a country with a significant Muslim minority. I dress and act and sound entirely like a Westerner, but it would not be difficult to mistake me for a Muslim.

So when I say that Muslims need to leave, I want you to understand my full meaning. It has to happen, for the sake of peace.

Make no mistake, this will exact a terrible human cost. Those affected would in most cases be even less welcome in their nations of origin than in the West.

But if the alternative is to permit them to stay, and therefore to see yet more supposedly “British” young men fall prey to the siren song of Islam and slaughter yet more innocent girls, then it is clear that the only humane outcome is to cleanse the West of Islam’s taint.

One way or another, that cleansing WILL happen. The lessons of history and the facts of human nature make this outcome absolutely and unequivocally certain. The only question is how much blood will be spilled in the process.