I happen to have a PDF of the core FATE rules because they sounded interesting. Not bad, but not a system I saw myself getting a lot of use out of even though I do like some of the more narrative systems, such as Dungeon World.

Nevertheless, I'm in a position where another company has identified itself as one I'm not likely to hand money to. Though the fact that they went with the boy-aren't-we-clever soy-tier name of Evil Hat for their company should have been a sign all by itself.

Courtesy of Walker's Retreat, I found out about this tweet. The point the tweeter makes, and that Walker makes are worth your time.

Even before the bit in bold about how Lovecraft was a raaaaacist (tm) but we'll make money off of his work anyway, there's a dead giveaway that this company is a nest of SJW's.

Make sure all the players are aware of these things and give enthusiastic consent before they begin playing.

Oh, and the key phrase "systemic abuses of power."

Look, anyone who unironically uses either phrase ceases to warrant further voluntary attention from me. They are leftist NPCs.

I always let my players know what they're in for, and having at least the maturity of teenagers if they're not interested or don't want to be in that game, they leave. The second phrase is the dead giveaway of a wrecker, of someone who's bought into the progressive lie about how eurpoean culture and men oppress everyone else.

These people are not worth your time.