… and SJW’s treat apologies as admissions of weakness.

A comment by ResidentMoron over at Vox Day’s recent post on “Two Paths for the Alt-Right“:

“So, the Alt-Right will not leave them alone.”

When Obama ascended to the White House, did the loony left leave off their mania about racism? Hardly. If anything their insanity deepened, they grew less connected to any discernible reality, and invented unobservables (always the sign of a failing theory) such as micro-aggressions.

Apologies are seen as weakness. So is appeasement. It can certainly be argued that a lot of the white vote for Obama was seen as a move to apologize, to finally have a black president, to say “see, you got your turn.” – and the unwillingness to push back on accusations of racism, etc. seen as weakness.

So of course, just like apologizing in the face of any SJW attack, they doubled down instead of accepting the olive branch.

The third rule of SJW’s, projection also accounts for something I hadn’t considered when writing “Plato Would be Spinning in his Cave” .

Labels are used to either define/discriminate between two things that are not exactly the same. They are also attached to something that has an existing label to make it “bad”, so that people change their opinion of it. This can simply be a derisive tone or lumping in bad traits with the current label, or creating a new, diminutive label (“gooks”) to attach.

Yes, there is some truth to creating labels to negatively define, not just describe, and we all do it to a greater or lesser degree, as we are nowhere near as rational as we’d like to think of ourselves. The recent memetic warfare of #GamerGate was the alt-right and liberals who don’t normally use rhetoric in arguments learning the rules of mockery, of emotion over logic to cow SJW’s because, in their projection, that’s how they attack, and where they are vulnerable. And the alt-right carried that into this election.

In a way, I “get” his call to stop applying labels. In the bubble he lives in people do use them to divide and diminish, rather than define. And there is a grain of truth that changing a label, or “spin” can change how we feel about something based on the baggage associated with that label.

It doesn’t change that in an objective sense, it’s still nuts. That a label will always be used. That no matter what label is used, if the contempt is there, it will become associated with the label.

And the people who most try to define others, who most wish to redefine themselves in labels – like a cargo cultist who thinks the label creates the result rather than describing it – rather than in thought and deed, are the ones who are most likely nodding along going “yup” to his video.