I know I'm not the first in these circles to bring up this new song, but since I mentioned  it in my last post on so-called Christmas music, here is the latest from Sabaton's upcoming album.

Yes, they are doing another album fully dedicated to the Great War / World War One to follow up "Great War.". If this song is any indication, it's going to knock my socks off. While I really liked the last album, and Bismark, and loved the show they put on pre-covid for the tour, it wasn't quite the high water mark for me that Heroes and The Last Stand were.

As to the rest of their music - well. if you're new, Sabaton is a power metal band that has found it's niche in retelling stories of battles and heroes from history. They're also the only band I know that can have hundreds of thousands of Poles moshing to the story of the battle of Wyzna - where the polish army held off the German army for two days at odds of 40:1 at the beginning of WW2 - and also have them just as excited when singing Ghost Division about Rommel's tank forces. You can't really go wrong with Coat of Arms or anything after - and that is a lot of albums.

Leaving aside the fact that they put out an album about the rise and fall of the Swedish empire around the time of the 30 years war, in English and Swedish, and that the Brazilian Army marching band now plays "Smoking Snakes" about the Brazilian Expeditionary Force in WW2, they also seem to be truly decent people, willing to work on stage with bands on tour in a way rarely seen in such an ego-driven industry. Case in point : the video of "Angels Calling" done with Apocalyptica, and Apocalyptica touring with Sabaton to perform on stage as part of the main set.

Lastly, they have a youtube channel dedicated to the historical background to each of their songs, in conjunction with Indy Neidell.