How To

Comments will not appear inline below the post, but a commenting box will. Registered users can publish the topic out if I have neglected to - mostly relevant on older posts - and anyone can follow the link to the NodeBB backend acting as the commenting engine.


My goal here is to provide a place to search for truth. All that aid in that are welcome. Since truth must be tested, I don’t need a bunch of yes-men around.

I am neither inclined to block anyone. I am also not averse to doing so for civility. You are free to be an ass on your own time and website, not on mine.

  1. I will address you in the same fashion in which you address me. If you’re civil, I will be. Insult me, I will in turn. Continue to do so, or keep taking conversations off track, you’ll be blocked. Stay on topic and be polite, you’ll be fine, even if we disagree. Keep shitting on everything, out you go.
  2. If you have something to say, be prepared to back it up.If you are called upon to back up an assertion, be ready to do so. Failure to do so may mean that your comment(s) will be deleted. Repeated failure to do so will result in being banned. I reserve the right to delete comments solely at my own discretion. If you comment here, you agree to and accept this rule, so don’t come whining to me about censorship if I delete your comment for no apparent reason.
  3. Trolls will be served with ONE warning. Defiance of said warning will be met with a ban. Comments responding to trolls will be deleted; commenters who persist in responding to said trolls will be banned after 3 such comments.
  4. Spammers will not, under any circumstances, be tolerated.
  5. Anonymous commentary is not allowed. You don’t have to use a “real” name, but use a consistent one. This is enforced by requireing registration.
  6. I am fair game. My family and friends are not.
  7. Politeness to other readers and commenters is expected. I will assume that you are an adult and will treat you as such until you prove otherwise.
  8. I have no tolerance for bullshit. If anything, passive-agressive sea-lawyering and truth-twisting pisses me off even faster than outright lies. So do Kafkatraps.

It’s simple, really. Comment under a name, be an adult, be civil, don’t lie, and don’t act like a blithering idiot. Accept that this is MY house under my rules and that you are a guest here, and you and I will get along just fine.  (and thanks to the Didact for the original form of these rules on his site)