I'd posted before about Ethan Nicolle's Bearmageddon, and how he'd stepped away from a lot of his attitudes towards country people, and that he got in the city in general. If you continue thruogh the series, it shows.

In one page, he neatly wraps up several moral questions, including one that Spider Man spent far too much time and angst over.

In one page he covers valuing life and living it well - as opposed to in luxury - honor, duty, what separates humanity from animals, and last but not least, how to deal with a world that has far more problems to solve than we can solve on our own.

Joel: OK, OK, We'll Bury him. It still seems futile to me. There are dead bodies all over the city. Are we going to bury them all?

Dickinson Killdeer: If we are meant to, we will. For now, let's do the good in front of us.


I know the project has been stalled for much of the last year as he's been working on other projects, but it is still worth a read from start to the current finish, and he deserves a few bucks.