I’ve been cleaning up old posts now that I’m using WordPress, mostly in order to catch misformatting between the css at google and here that causes weird issues like text flowing through various vids. It’s also resulted in me finding a few posts worth revisiting, where there’s a little more to add.

First, in the light of McCain voting, again, to shut down repealing Obamacare with that grin of his, and the republican establishment in general proving themselves opportunistic liars regarding their willingness to take out government control of the economy (funny how suddenly leftists like Colbert are concerned about making massive changes to/removeal of laws affecting 1/6th of the economy, especially given they were initially enacted without some idea of what all the changes are…)… Fucking Hell – Fuck You, Obamacare Edition.

Second, I don’t think I had really started listening to Jordan Peterson yet when I wrote this:

But who we truly are is not… skin… deep
See, when I drive my car, no one would ever confuse the car for…. me
Well, when I drive my ….body, why do you confuse me for my… body?
It’s…. my ….body….get it? Not me

Two things. The soul, the personality, is indeed not the body. Yet we are inextricably tied to it, to our hormone and chemical balances. While we are not the meat robots some would call us, it takes effort to build a new system of habits and thought.

The body is not us, but it determines what we can grasp, where we can walk, whether we can run, and how easily we sunburn.

Funny, that the more we learn of neuroscience, and what Peterson refers to as the Frame Problem, the more it seems that we don’t just “drive” our bodies, we are deeply integrated into them. Without our bodies, our eyes, our desires, we literally could not think as we do, because how we perceive and categorize things from moment to moment changes based on our needs.

More new stuff soon.