Second order consequences and responses are not, as has often been observed, a strong suit of SJW’s and the crop of morons running the Democratic party – a party notable in that, when one of its senior representatives was asked how it differed from a National Socialist (Bernie Sanders) she had just described as a “good Democrat”, was completely caught off guard and unable to do so.

We’ve had a number of conservatives point out a “civil” war would be a bad thing, and that the left is showing signs of not only losing it’s mind, but, as Scott Adams has noted, beginning to show signs that if Trump isn’t “Hitler”, then they’ll manufacture one anyway.

More and more, the personal is political, and even the sports one watches are not exempt. For fuck’s sake, we’ve got people melting down that Atlanta lost the Superbowl to a team quarterbacked by a Trump supporter. Direct quote, overheard: “We can’t win an election, and now we can’t win a Superbowl?”

In that light, this comment from a recent Peter Grant post is relevant.

I don’t think the Democratic Party has thought this through.  If they agitate so much that someone takes a shot at President Trump, they’re absolutely certain to be blamed for it – at least in part – by those who voted for Mr. Trump.  There will be a reckoning for that.  It’s inevitable.  It’s human nature.  What’s more, we – America as a whole – will be very fortunate if that reckoning is only at the ballot box.