Stuff that I just couldn’t put a whole article into, but is worth looking at.

First, at Castalia House, a review of Rampage and A Quiet Place that tells me the guys who did the trailers nailed it, and I may very well go see those sooner rather than “later or never”.

Author of the fantastic  No Gods, Only Daimons, Ben Cheah, writes of the death of the Singapore dream. It’s a similar story as the credentialism among the self styled elites in the states, with the middle class being squeezed out at the top with debt and “get into the right schools”, and at teh bottom with immigrants, but with an extra dose of “no-one respectable works those jobs”.

Peter Grant notes that a bad workman blames the tools and not the user:

  • In a case of drunk driving, we charge the driver, not his vehicle.
  • In a case of arson, we charge the arsonist, not the fuel and/or ignition source he used.
  • In a case of medical malpractice, we charge the doctor(s) and/or nurse(s) concerned, not the medical instruments and/or appliances they used.
  • In a burglary, we charge the burglar, not the tools he used to break and enter property.
  • In knife crime, we charge the person using the knife, not the knife itself.

Until tomorrow, then.