Over at Wasteland and Sky, the “100 best anime” series has come to an end.

There are a lot of items new to me on the list. Of the ones I’m familiar with though, I generally agree.

First – please, God, no for Attack on Titan. Yes, the quality of the animation is excellent, and it’s a big deal, but it’s such a dark, depressing mess embodying the worst of the zombie genre – though the monsters in question have more in common with the nightlands than traditional zombies. Maybe it picks up later, but five episodes of death, chaos, destruction, and angst in… I quit.

And Psycho-pass. Yes, I just complained about a dark series, and Psycho-pass, which deals with free will, good, and evil, is dark. That said, it’s amazing. Despite my love for Gurren Lagann and Full Metal Alchemist, if there’s a show on that list I’d recommend to someone who thought the Matrix or Blade Runner were deep, that would be it. They’ll get something with kick ass action that’s also more thoughtful.

For some more commentary on it: