While I had plenty of experience with MySQL and similar databases, I've started learning the ins and outs of MongoDB, and with the appropriate explanation, now "get" why NoSQL is becoming popular. It's pretty straightforward for anyone who's worked with Python dictionaries or JavaScript objects before.

That said, my project scope has changed. I'm going to skip doing Python/Flask first. It boils down to the fact that I don't want to mess in multiple languages, and that, despite liking python a lot more, I have a lot more experience coding javascript due to time previously spent doing websites.

Incidentally, DOM Scripting, by Jeremy Keith was an excellent intro to Ajax and manipulating the web page. I have the second edition, but it still gets good ratings.

The biggest reason is that regardless of the backend functions and application, once the fundamentals are baked in place for the logic, I'll be doing more and more where i'm writing Javascript for the web page and matching coding/connections for the backend. If I'm going to be relearning Ajax and DOM scripting for the front end anyway on top of programming a complete and useful application, I'd rather think in one language syntax, as I'm not in a position to specialize on "just" the backend.