The usual suspects are spouting the usual BS about how “less guns = less crime” and between catching up from a weekend of helping family move that didn’t end until sometime today, and time to process as I catch up, I’ve got little new right now.

My prayers and thoughts for the dead, the injured, and their families and loved ones.

My utter loathing to those who are already jumping on the bandwagon to blame inanimate objects for the actions of the people wielding them. In addition to the loss I am saddened at how many will not allow the wicked responsibility for their choices.

Evil exists. We are all capable of it, and it is in knowing we can, and choosing right, that we find virtue. This man chose otherwise. I like Jordan Peterson’s definition of evil, and this man’s actions were just that. Evil. He was an evildoer, and no matter how “sick” he may have been this was a premeditated act of pain and suffering inflicted on others.

We have yet to see if this was an act of terrorism, for political reasons, or simply politically motivated. The nature of the targeted crowd doesn’t scream “right wing nut”, yet despite that, I’m shocked that the left isn’t screaming “right wing terror” no matter how unlikely a right-winger is to target a country music festival, though of course they’re screaming “gun culture/guns.” While I’m dubious of “ISIS” no matter their taking credit, that, or a guy of leftist persuasion better explains the target selection than merely “off his meds”. The lack of usual screeching about white conservative males this would normally engender speaks volumes about the facts vs. the narrative, despite the cockroaches waving the bloody shirts on guns.