You're enjoying the political shenanigans, when it occurs to you that the perfect capstone to help savor the scene before you would be some pocorn.

Do not reach for that bag of microwaveable crap.

You can buy popcorn, even organic or other high-grade, far more cheaply in 1-pound or larger bags. You can also use a much better and healthier grade of oil than your standard canola or vegetable oils: I go with coconut. Finally, you don't get some horrible butter "flavoring", but instead can melt some actual, real butter.

The first step is a covered pot to pop it in. You don't need to get a fancy or special-purpose popper like the Whirleypop, but it does a bang-up job, the geared spinning armature minimizes the burnt popcorn, and they do stand by their product. I've had one for over 10 years, and they replaced the lid when the nylon gear snapped (they also have a metal geared one).  What you do need though is a relatively large and thin-walled pot with a lid.

You probably want to melt your butter first. If you're using the microwave make sure it's loosely covered, beware inadvertently adding moisture, and avoid more than 40-50 seconds of total heating time or you're likely to have butter spattered all over the inside of your microwave.

A tablespoon or two of oil, and a half-cup of kernels into the pot on high heat, cover, and make sure there's a way to agitate it to keep the first kernels popped from sticking to the bottom and burning. When the popping slows down take it off the heat and pour it into a bowl. Butter, salt, and season to taste.